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Word of Life Online Quiet Time DiaryAbout the Online Quiet Time Diary

Since 2004, Facebook has grown to more than 600 million users, and today almost half of the US population has a Facebook account.  It has become so commonplace that we now use terms like “just Facebook me” when we want someone to send us a message.  Facebook serves as the place where today’s generation and culture communicate and socialize.

Each year we sell more than 81,000 Quiet Times, and we consistently hear stories of how God is using His Word to change lives. God’s hand of blessing has truly been upon the Word of Life Quiet Time. 

Over the years we have continually made changes and enhancements to the Word of Life Quiet Time.  At the same time we have dreamed about bringing the Word of Life Quiet Time to computers and to the Internet.  So, for the past 10 years, we have been collecting ideas, writing them down and waiting for the Lord to open the door.

Through a series of miracles that only God could bring about, we launched out on a massive and thrilling adventure to bring the Word of Life Quiet Time to the Internet.  We have taken our collective ideas on how we can improve, mixed in the power of the social tools Facebook has made popular and applied that to the powerful tool God has greatly blessed, and are now delivering the brand new Word of Life Quiet Time.

The Online Quiet Time includes power tools and one-of-a-kind features like:

  • Journal
    • We have provided a distraction and ad free journal experience that incorporates more than 14 translations in 9 different languages, and commentaries for easy reference.
    • The journal includes a prayer section, which allows you to add prayer requests, as well as advance settings that include reoccurrence features. Pray for your family and friends daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.
    • Look through the prayer lists of church friends and family members who are also using the Online Quiet Time and add their requests to your prayer list.
    • Receive notifications when people pray for your requests.
    • Post updates to your prayer requests and everyone who is praying for that request will automatically receive the update.  
    • The journal also includes read-through-the-Bible plans to help you spend extra time in God’s Word.
  • Community
    • With the “community” you can see, comment and dialoging with all of your friends as it relates to their Quiet Time.  Jack Wyrtzen, Founder of Word of Life, used to say, “Your Quiet Time isn’t complete until you share it with someone.”  We have integrated social media tools similar to Facebook to enhance and encourage you in your devotions.  “Community” is a place where we can share with each other what God is teaching us and how He is working in our lives.
    • The community includes group tools that will allow churches, youth groups, small groups, Sunday school classes and families to post content, plan events and have discussions, facilitating interaction between our daily devotions and the body of Christ.
  • Accountability
    • The Online Quiet Time includes accountability tools that will help in holding each other accountable even if you live half way around the world. 
    • Take your accountability to the next level and dialog back and forth with the built-in messaging system.

That’s not all!  We are already working on Phase 2 of this project, which will include:

  • Connections to smart phones and iPads
  • Additional Bible reading plans
  • Family and friends gift subscriptions
  • Additional sharing and finding tools for the prayer list section
  • Connectors to Facebook and Twitter that will allow you to dictate how you want your Quiet Time to interact with your Twitter and Facebook pages
  • Customizable notifications to help remind you to spend time with the Lord each day
  • Customizable accountability where you can add things for which you want your accountability partner to help

We truly believe God is going to do monumental things with the Online Quiet Time!

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